Smaller Crowds Turn Out than expected for Margiela at H&M





Last month we featured a post on Maison Martin Margiela collection at H&M. The line launched on November 15 and drew smaller crowds than usual in Europe and the U.S. But diehard fans of the brand lined up at dawn for a chance to snag a collector’s item.

About 300 people were waiting for H&M’s Fifth Avenue flagship to open last week. Each store in Manhattan was given 430 color-coded wristbands to use for crowd control; 30 consumers could enter the store at one time. Many of the pieces sold out on Thursday, including the white sneakers and candy-wrapper clutch.

Most of the dresses are $199; a duvet coat, $349; a suede jacket, $299; leather belt jacket, $399; oversize peacoat, $349; leather drainpipe pants, $349, and car seat cover dress, $349.

Did any of you get your hands on the exclusive designs?

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